Handmade Granola from the Tennessee Valley.
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is carefully handmade in the on-site kitchen at the Blue Monarch facility. Our granola is extra special, because while it is toasty, delicious and all-natural, each package of granola also tells the story of one of the Blue Monarch women who baked it, along with her touching testimony of recovery.
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  • My name is Brandi. I am 31 years old and a mother of a 7-year-old son. I have been battling a substance addiction for over 12 years. I am also the victim of domestic violence, as well as other traumas. I can now proudly say that I have 6 months of sobriety! In addition to my recovery work, I have been fortunate to receive a job with Out of the Blue Granola. I thank God and Blue Monarch every day for giving me a second chance to live the life I was meant to live.
    Brandi Blue Monarch Resident
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